Riveting Equipment

A range of manual or automatic riveting equipment and accessories is available from our Recoules product line. Manual riveters are suitable for low volume, small aluminum rivets. Automative compression riveting tools come in a alligator or C type with a range of compression forces to suit your applications.

A riveting system with a separate hydraulic generator and riveting head is also available for higher compression forces while keeping the tool lighter for more ergonomic use. Custom jaw configurations and rivet sets are available to complete the application needs.  Rivet cutting tools are also available as well as a thickness gauge to check the material stack beforehand to ensure the correct rivet is used.

Ring Cutter

Our ring cutters are designed to cleanly remove Huck, LGP or other rivets without damaging the component hole or skin.

Riveter Systems

Riveter systems consist of a hydropneumatic generator, hydraulic cylinder and force regulator.

Thickness Gage

This convenient and easy-to-use gauge provides scale readings accurate to 0.004” (0.01mm), at thicknesses up to ¼” (30 mm).

Compression & Riveting Tools C Yoke & Alligator

Recoules Compression riveters with alligator jaw type offer light, sturdy, compact and fast compression, as well as snap ...

Rivet Cutting Pliers

Ideal for aircraft maintenance technicians, these simple and highly durable rivet cutting pliers are built to last, even with heavy duty use.