Drilling applications in Aerospace place strong demands on the cutter to produce accurate hole and countersinks in demanding materials such as titanium and CFRP. The Recoules line of cutters has been developed with these applications in mind. Whether its is a cutter for a hand drill from our Dotco range of material removal tools or a special cutter for our Recoules Quackenbush range of Advanced Drilling products we can provide a complete solution to ensure precise holes every time. Select from the many options available on our web site or contact a Recoules Quackenbush sales representative to find out more. We also have an online cutter request form for easy submission of requests.

Hand Drills & Reamers

Find hand drills,reamers, countersinking bits and combined options from Recoules, a leader in cutters for the aerospace industry.

Cutters for Microstop Cages

Explore the range of Recoules cutters for use in microstop cages, including unique products with solid/inserted pilots for guiding the tool location as well as cutters for countersinking or spotfacing.

Back Spotface Cutters

Recoules back spotface cutters are designed to aid with precision spot facing, countersinking or counterboring of the rear side of a hole.

Nutplate Drill Cutters

Recoules nutplate drill cutters are designed specifically to be used with the 10QNPD nutplate drill. These cutters are used for drilling and countersinking both holes required to ...

Drills for Flat Offset Angle Drill

Made of our HSS material, Recoules drills for flat offset angle drills provide fast, seamless offset angle drilling into aluminum components.

Drill & Countersink Cutters for Automatic Machines

Standard ¼" (6.35mm) shank cutters for drilling and countersinking of rivet holes are achieved in one ...